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The Debating Bureau

Specialized in debating and presenting, based in The Hague

Het Debatbureau (The Debating Bureau) is specialized in debating and presenting. Based in The Hague, we support professionals and students with improving their debating and presentation skills. In addition we organize and present engaging events and offer a wide variety of workshops for various audiences. Whether you are looking to organize an event, host a training session or improve your skills, we can help you reach your goals.

Our services include:

  • Training programs: Het Debatbureau offers a range of training programs on debating, presenting, hosting meetings, giving a speech and more. They all share a focus on improving participants’ skills and increasing their ability to interact with and convince others: a vital skill in any profession. Our training programs range from half-day programs to tailor-made trajectories; contact us to learn more about the best training program for your situation.
  • Workshops: In addition to training programs we also offer a variety of workshops. These offer a combination of relevant content and interactive elements; we currently offer workshops in the areas of giving a speech, campaigning, politics and presenting. Our workshops are an excellent choice if you are organizing a seminar, office outing, student activity or conference, and can be tailored to match your group composition or the thematic area you are working on.
  • Moderating and presenting events: We can present or moderate the event you’re organizing. Whether in English or Dutch, welcoming small or large groups, our moderators and presenters are sure to create the right atmosphere for your event. Possibilities include acting as presenter, conference host, moderator or guest speaker.
  • Event management: Are you unsure of how to organize your event? We are happy to advise you on the setup, logistics or content of the activity you’re organizing. Using our extensive network in The Netherlands we can also organize the entire event for you, from food and beverages to the program and participants.

Most of our activities are tailor-made to meet our clients’ needs: Contact us to find out how we can best support you in your work.

About us

Director Frits BloembergHet Debatbureau opened its doors in The Hague in 2009 and has been growing in size and scope ever since. Working across the country we already supported thousands of professionals organize successful events and increase their debating and presentation skills. We organize and present events in English for numerous organizations in The Hague, Amsterdam and elsewhere. Among them are government agencies, international organizations and international businesses. We also have extensive experience in primary, secondary and higher education. For example, Het Debatbureau is the organizer of the largest debating competition for high school students in The Netherlands, involving 200 high schools every year.

Founder and director Frits Bloemberg studied Public Administration (MSc) and History (MA). Among his achievements are the presentation of an international conference with Mr. Kofi Annan (800 participants) and the organization and presentation of a debating competition with King Willem-Alexander. Together with the other team members, who all have ample experience and a relevant university degree as well, he supports organizations in reaching their goals.

Contact us

You can always call or e-mail us to learn more about our services and how we can help you. Our phone number: 070 – 212 1904.

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